Ethan Bodnar is a gardener, artist, and designer using plants to educate, shape spaces, and create community. Based in Brooklyn, New York.


Planting raised vegetable beds

Sharing moments and insights along the way. Daily photos on Instagram and weekly email letters on Tiny Letter.


On the outlook for new projects — interior plant design for homes or workspaces, garden design installations for spring and summer in 2016 across the United States, and freelance content production for interviews and online videos — Say hello at

Garden design for Chimaingo in Ohio

Recent projects include a fashion blog for your plants, a week long workshop at BEAM Camp, perennial meadow garden design at Chimaingo, a series of potted container designs, and a photographic study of seasons at the Highline in New York.


There came a point when I set out on the journey, where ambiguity was embraced, and stillness found. This past summer I've been growing veggies and planting seeds back home — full story soon.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.05.29 AM.png

Original drawings of plant shadows from the 100 Day Project and a new series of painted leaves  – available soon.


Filming a Skillshare class at Joshua Tree National Park


Previously, building Skillshare, national board
of AIGA, published Creative Grab Bag with HOW Books, worked with clients such as 826 National and the Do Lectures USA, and Project M participant. Member of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Makeshift Society Brooklyn, and 
an Eagle Scout.